Central Hospital Benin City Edo State, Nigeria providing central care

Central Hospital Benin City Edo State, Nigeria providing central care

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Brief History of Central Hospital, Benin city:

Central hospital was created in 1902 by the then colonial masters - which was owned by the British government before independence under the colonial masters. The head quarter was then at Ibadan.

In 1963, Midwest State was created and the headquarter was now Benin city. With this, it was now under the Ministry of Health till 1970.

In 1970, an edict now established Hospitals Management Board by the Military under Ogbemundia's regime. Edo State Hospitals Management Board was the first to be established in Nigeria. At this time, the Ministry of Health was for prevention while curative was handled handed over to Hospitals Management Board. The building which was by Ministry of Health, was managed till date.

The training of personnel like School of Nursing and Midwifery, School of Health Technology are under the supervision of Ministry of Health.

The first name that was given to Central Hospital, Benin City was General hospital. Then in the early seventies, it was changed to Specialist Hospital which is now metamorphosed to Central Hospital in the eighties.

The hospital is situated along Sapele Road in the heart of Benin City. Central Hospital is made up of various departments to render specialized care to patients with varied problems. It is in charge of curative health care and training of personnel.

Organogram Central Hospital, Benin city:

organisation chart

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