Central Hospital Benin City Edo State, Nigeria providing central care

Central Hospital Benin City Edo State, Nigeria providing central care

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Central Hospital providing spacious and fully equipped patient rooms.

Central Care providing value for money health care.

Facilities are spacious and fully equipped.

Central Hospital theatres are fully equipped.

Central Hospital is a government hospital located in the serene centre of Benin

Central Hospital Benin City

Central Hospital is a government hospital located in the serene centre of Benin, on Sapele road, few kilometres from City Center. The hospital can be assessed from either the Ring Road or any of the adjoining roafds and is within close proximity of the Benin City Airport and the Oba's palae.

Central Hospital is a fully fledged hospital offering high quality healthcare services in response to the changing demands for effient, effective and affordable treatment, rehabilitation and preventative healthcare programmes. The Hospital has spacious and secure parking for staff and visitors.

The placement and arrangement of department has been carefully done with convince of our patients and visitors in mind. Our spacious and fully equipped patient rooms coupled with a pleasant surrounding are designed to give our patients a homely and away from hospital feel. The Hospital is surrounded by well-maintained beautiful gardens of diverse trees and flowers including an organic farming facility for healthy vegetables, all of which combined offer wonderful and refreshing scenery.

Central Hospital has the latest state of art communication, information and entertainment facilities for the convience of our patients and visitors. Our convient state of the art nurse call communication system, places our friendly nurses only a button away, round the clock.

Central Hospital supply of electricity is supported by stand-by generator and UPS facilities incase of any mains power failure all of which provide an un-noticeable, seamless changeover. To ensure smooth running at all times, an extensively trained personnel in the maintenance department offers round the clock upkeep.

To provide value for money quality health care services assisted by the most modern state-of-the-art equipment and to offer the best medical training, research and referral facilities' - The Central Hospital works alongside the principles.

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To provide a reputable, world class health care provide offering teaching, research and referral facilities for Nigeria in particular, and Africa region and beyond in general.

  • Compassionate Care: Services at The Central Hospital are a combination of high quality treament and compssionate care.
  • Convenience: We value your time, Promptness of service is a high priority.
  • Cost: We ensure that health care excellence is accessible to all our patients. In additions to competitive pricing, we have introduced a large number of fixed price packages for a variety of surginal/medical procedures. These make health care costs predictable with a price advantage.
  • Competence: The Central Hospital provides both general and specialized medical services. We ensure that you get the best services delivered by highly qualified, competent medical personnel assisted by state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

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